About Jo Mallinger

I have been a self-employed artist since 2007.

Very recently, I have stepped away from painting and started hand and digital collage work and returned to my pop art roots.

Some of these works are based on vintage Kewpie dolls and by utilizing their underlying creepiness have further enhanced this by placing them in iconic creepy movie settings etc.

Sometimes, I also use cuttings out of 1950s and 1960s magazines as this blends my love of the sixties era and imagery from that time period.

Dark humour is also apparent in most of my work.

My other work (painting and drawing) is mostly based on my deep love of animals (I am Vegan for this reason), especially Deer painted in their natural environment, or featuring animals painted in retro, kitschy backgrounds.

A lot of my work also involves vintage  ornaments painted on pastel backgrounds with a hint of kitsch and whimsy.